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ADAPTED Services by Zisis Sarikopoulos is an innovative, people oriented and success driven venture. Acting with consciousness in an honest & ethical environment is our top priority. Focused on creating a better future for the kids we undertake & committed to DELIVER EVERY TIME, we do not settle for nothing less than the best.

ADAPTED is a personalized service which undertakes the overall preparation, development & oversight of promising & with potential young athletes, resulting in them earning a scholarship & playing collegiate basketball in the United States.

Sports Services REDEFINED•



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When the idea of ADAPTED Services was conceived, a decision was made; to provide a unique and personalized service that would be tailor made to each individuals' needs.

ADAPTED is a groundbreaking concept that operates only on high standards to get the best results for all parties involved.

Over the last decade, we have been diligently scoping the young players' priorities, needs and desires. The landscape is continuously shifting; nowadays, more and more kids seek their future away from home and entertain the possibility of combining high level basketball with getting a degree.

Due to a high awareness and understanding, ADAPTED is there, ready to mediate and determined to provide young athletes with the right tools to succeed.

Exploiting our wide network & mediating is our strength. We aim to capitalize on these lasting relationships seeking humility, consistency and bilateral growth.

Being an NCAA Student-Athlete and having that experience and expertise, I am in position to offer kids appropriate assistance, mentoring and overall guidance.

"Excel in your sport, earn a high-end degree." THAT'S OUR MOTTO

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At ADAPTED we strive to offer exclusively high end services. Our services include:

  • Consulting & Guidance

  • Mentoring

  • Preliminary College Work

  • NCAA & NIL Compliances & Policies

  • Player Development & Oversight

  • Personalized Training

  • Partnering with Experts in Other Areas (Trainers, Nutritionists etc if deemed necessary)
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ADAPTED Services was founded upon certain values, commitment being one of them. We are committed to deliver for the right reasons.

More specifically, we are committed to:

  • Work tirelessly to find the appropriate fit for each individual
  • Provide the right tools
  • Optimise growth & development
  • Understand the landscape & ADAPT
  • Evolve along with our clients
  • Keep the right priorities
  • Maintain the same focus & persistence
  • Build our consistency
  • Resolve matters & overcome obstacles with ethos
  • Understand each ones' unique needs

Sports Services REDEFINED•

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At ADAPTED Services our biggest challenge is to create a legacy. Our target is to assist future generations thrive and capitalize on their skills and talents. In order to achieve this, we strive to build relationships based on honesty and trust. Offering high end services and acting in an ethical manner is the only way to go. In return, this mutual trust will lead to bilateral growth.

We want to leave our mark; we aim to universalize this service and bring the world closer. But even more importantly help the kids. We believe in the generations to come and must pave the way for them. Our target is to prepare them for their next step, build right habits and work ethic.

Knowing the importance of these steps since I took them and having experience regarding that transition, I realize that applying the knowledge and expertise, which have been acquired, are essential. Their future is at stake; it is up to us, at ADAPTED, to offer appropriate guidance and substantive mediation in order to attain the goals that we set together.

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I am Zisis Sarikopoulos, a Professional Basketball Player with 13 years of experience in Greek A1, VTB United & other Foreign Leagues.

  • Started playing basketball at 8 years old for Olympiacos Piraeus BC & stayed until leaving for College.
  • Jordan Brand Classic MVP of Greece in 2006
  • Played College Basketball for UAB Blazers & The Ohio State Buckeyes. All winning seasons and a deep March run in 2010
  • Academic All Big Ten in 2009 & 2010
  • NCAA Sweet Sixteen in 2010 along with Big Ten Regular Season & Tournament Championships
  • Played alongside numerous NBA & Euroleague teammates and opponents
  • Greek National Team: U16, U18, U20 & Men's
  • European Competitions; EUROCUP, FIBA Champions League & FIBA Europe Cup
  • Many individual & team accolades
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